Safe browsing and payment

Since we handle our customers’ personal data during login and registration, the online store is authenticated with security certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a general security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between our server and your browser.

The SSL protocol makes the data flow encoded, protecting both the customer and us. Visible signs of the protection are the lock icon  and the https:// prefix in the browser headline.

How does SSL help to protect your data?

SSL, with encrypting the connection between your computer and our webstore, prevents others (e.g internet cafes, internet service providers, Wi-Fi hotspots) to see your registration, login or purchase data.

Briefly about SSL encryption

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer, which is an accepted encryption method. Our online store has a 128-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. GeoTrust enables to use the 128-bit encryption key that can help provide the SSL-based encryption.

Nowadays 90% of global e-commerce use this encryption method. Customer’s browser by the help of SSL encrypts the user’s data before sending, so they are passed to the online store in encoded form. Thus the data can not be deciphered by unauthorized persons – the connection is secure.